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   6230 Beacon Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98108 (at Beacon and Graham)
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Ongoing Church Services
  • Sunday Worship Services - 10:30am

  • ReWA Preschool Head Start Program
    Half Day and Full Day - M-F

  • Youth Undoing Institutional Racism
    Thursdays 4:30-6:30pm

  • Church Food Bank
    Wednesdays and Fridays, 12Ė2pm

Peace and Justice - Bethany House
Our churchís name, Bethany, in the original Hebrew language means ďhouse of, for, among and with the Poor. So it is no accident that this community of faith in the south end of Seattle, which is diverse racially, economically and culturally, in seeking to become a Beloved Community, actively participates and advocates for peace and justice in our lives, our neighborhoods, our communities, our city, our country and in Godís world.

Our ministry to those most in need Ė those made poor, sick, hungry, a stranger and in prison comes out of Jesusí words ďFor I was hungry and you gave me food, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you gave me clothing, I was sick and you took care of me, I was in prison and you visited me Ö for when you did it to the least of these my brothers and sisters, you did it for me.Ē

Though there is always more any community can do, Bethany United Church of Christ seeks to see every human being as beloved. Our ministry in opening doors to immigrants, refugees, children, youth, prisoners and the hungry and to welcoming the stranger into beloved community is a reflection of our theology and our experience of Godís love that, as our pastor shares ďAll Are Beloved.Ē

Faith Formation
Worship and Faith Formation are important in growing faithful and beloved community. Here at Bethany United Church of Christ, the Sunday morning worship service and the community discussions, reflections and prayers that follow are key to the individual and the whole communityís journey of faith. Even the music, which is different every Sunday, grows out of our love for God in making a joyful noise.

You can experience and see how the Good News of God proclaimed and heard each week is directly interconnected with how we, as Godís Beloved, live our lives every day. From the first five books of the Bible, also known in the Jewish tradition as the Torah, to the major and minor prophets, the wisdom literature including the Psalms and the gospels revealing the love of God through Jesusí life, death and resurrection, and the actions of the early church in Paul and the disciplesí epistles/letters, this community actively engages in living out Godís love, Godís generosity, Godís abundance and even Godís forgiveness and Godís grace in solidarity and community with one another and with all of Godís creation.

As in anything worth doing, our journeys of faith through worship and faith formation take practice Ė daily and weekly practice. We are all learners. We are all given Godís grace.

Beacon Avenue Food Bank
Open Wednesdays and Fridays noon-2pm - Clients may come once a week. Valid original state ID is required to receive food.

Our baby cupboard is open the third week of the month for diapers and formula. Medical coupons and/or birth certificates are required to receive diapers.

We receive donations on Tuesdays 8-10am, Wednesdays and Fridays 8-2pm, and Thursdays 9-1pm.

Volunteers are welcome to help us receive, re-pack and distribute food to the hungry. Let us know if you wish to donate or volunteer.

In 2011 the food bank distributed 471,410 pounds of food to 21,665 families (68,517 individuals). This Food Bank is a non-profit 501(c)3, that is an outreach program of the Bethany United Church of Christ. Operating since 1987, it provides donated and purchased food to needy families at no cost.

Contact: 206-722-5105;
6230 Beacon Ave. S. Seattle, WA 98108

Bethany Community Gardens
As a congregation focused on justice and care for all of Godís creation, one of our ministries is a community garden. Our garden is open to anyone who wants to grow food! While there is no fee to become a gardener at Bethany, we ask for about 10 hours of volunteer time throughout the season. We work on the shared space once a month at garden work parties.

Our garden also has a large plot dedicated to growing food for the Beacon Ave. Food Bank, which is also housed on Bethanyís campus (see writeup above). We work together on this plot and donate the produce so that food bank clients have a selection of fresh, organic veggies to take home. If you are interested in working on the Food Bank plot, you donít also have to have a plot at the garden to do so.

Contact: Bethany Office 206-725-7535;

Bethany Movie Night
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Thereís plenty of handicap accessible parking on the Beacon Avenue entrance into our two parking lots, with overflow parking available on the street.
Youth Undoing Institutional Racism (YUIR)

YUIR is a youth-centered, multi-generational vehicle for young people to engage in ongoing anti-racist and anti-oppression education, and to take action in their schools and community to bring forth social change. It is an extension of Freedom School, and is facilitated by and for youth.

YUIR meets weekly on Thursdays, 5-7pm at The Bethany Campus next to the church.

YUIR was developed in 2001 as a partnership between The Peopleís Institute for Survival and Beyond, the American Friends Service Committee, and the Seattle Young Peopleís Project.

Contact: Marcel Purnell 206-632-0500 x14;

Refugee Womenís Alliance (ReWA)

ReWA is a multi-ethnic, community-based organization that provides comprehensive culturally and linguistically appropriate services to refugee and immigrant communities throughout King and Snohomish Counties. Today, ReWA operates from 10 sites in King and Snohomish Counties, and is comprised of 140 staff members with the capability of speaking 37 different languages and dialects. Many of our staff are refugees or immigrants. They work together to deliver bilingual and bicultural services to help our clients gain English and job-related skills, find employment, maintain stability, and eventually thrive in their adoptive country.

ReWA Provides Services For:

Developmental disabilities
Domestic violence
Early Childhood Education
Education and vocational training
Family support
Licensed behavioral health
Parent education
Senior nutrition and wellness
Youth program
ReWA Early Childhood Education ages 3-5 - Schedule:
Monday-Thursday - Morning class: 8:30am-12pm, 8:45am-12:15pm
Monday-Thursday - Afternoon class: 1pm-4:30pm, 1:15pm-4:45pm
Full Day - Monday-Friday: 7:30am-5:30pm
ReWA accepts DSHS and City of Seattle Subsidies.

ReWA preschool offers:
Qualified bilingual and bicultural staff
Small classroom environments for individualized learning
Strong literacy programs
Integrated, dual-language curriculum
Culturally-relevant, home-cooked hot meals
Supportive services through bilingual and bicultural Family Advocates
Free part-day childcare for qualifying families
NACCP Accreditation (National Accreditation Commission for Early Care and Education Programs)
Contact: Early Childhood Operations Director Susan Lee, 206-721-5294;
also 206-723-3304
6230 Beacon Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98108-3159

Contact: ReWA 206-721-0243
4008 Martin Luther King, Jr. Way S., Seattle, WA 98108
Web: ReWA

Tyree Scott Freedom School

Nationally, the Peopleís Institute used the civil rights era Freedom School model to provide racial justice education to youth through a number of organizing networks around the country. Locally, the American Friends Service Committee has taken the lead in developing the program which provides an opportunity for 15-21-year-old youth to gain knowledge and skills as community organizers through an intensive process that teaches the history of racism, draws from the histories of local racial and social justice struggles and connects youth to elders in the community. Since 2001, Freedom school has developed significant leadership, and today the school is almost entirely facilitated by former Freedom School Participants.

Freedom School Sessions:
During the summer in Seattle, and at Edmonds Community College, and in Seattle during summer and winter break. A Tulalip Freedom School, in partnership with the Indian Education Program in the Marysville School District, was planned for summer 2010.

Contact: Marcel Purnell 206-632-0500 x14;

Seattle Young Peopleís Project (SYPP)

SYPP is a youth-led social change organization that empowers youth to express themselves and to take action on the issues affecting their lives. We support other youth led projects such as Youth Undoing Racism, Queer Youth Rights, Student Activists for A Multi-Cultural Education, an annual MLK Hip Hop Show, Young Womenís and Young Menís Conferences. Our organization, and all projects, are led by high school age youth. We also offer paid youth internships to organize projects, as well as do youth organizing, and anti-racism workshops for youth.

Contact: 206-860-2052;
510B Maynard Ave. S, Seattle, WA 98104

End the Prison Industrial Complex (EPIC)

EPIC is a community group working to stop the construction of the proposed new youth jail in King County, Washington. EPIC operates with staff support from American Friends Service Committee and includes members of Youth Undoing Institutional Racism, the Peopleís Institute Northwest and the community at-large. Currently, while the crime rate has gone down, part of the proposed new Children and Family Justice Center (at 12th and Alder) includes building a 96,000 sq.ft. youth jail with 154 single-occupancy cells.

EPIC Seattle organizes and mobilizes in the Bethany Church annex, also known as ďThe EPI CenterĒ in the community. EPIC Seattle is led by James Williams and our young leadership. One key ministry to note is our "No New Youth Jail" movement. Education, not jails, for our youth and young people.

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