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Pastor: Angela L. Ying
Office Manager:
Michelle Perry
Phone: 206/ 725-7535
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Bethany Pastor

Angela Ying

Angela Ying is Senior and Founding Pastor at Bethany United Church of Christ. She is the first Taiwanese American to ever be ordained as a minister in the United States. Before serving at Bethany, she served as the Associate Executive Presbyter in Seattle.

A graduate of Princeton, where she received the Preaching Award, Reverend Ying has been a national keynote speaker and preacher. Reverend Ying has served on the Board of Directors of the Congregational Leadership Northwest, the Church Council of Greater Seattle, the Washington Association of Churches, and as a delegate to the World Council of Churches.

She works locally, nationally and internationally for peace and justice with organizations of men, women and children of numerous cultures and backgrounds from around the world, seeking in all things to do justice, love kindness and walk humbly with God.

Office Manager

Michelle Perry

She was born and raised in Seattle in the Central Area, and loves living and working in very diverse communities of different cultures.

She has been a business administrator for faith-based non profits for 20 years. The most passionate part of her professional and community service is in the area of anti-racism work with emphasis on Black & White relationships. She trained with some of the best in the field such as the People’s Institute for Survival & Beyond, Dr. Joy Leary, and the Bush School training regarding white privilege. She was afforded to attend and help train in some of the best workshops, conferences and groups in the northwest. Michelle also served in the past with the United by Faith Against Racism team.

She is a member of the New Beginnings Christian Fellowship where Dr. Leslie Braxton is pastor. She is a member of the NAACP, and continue to research Ethnic Studies/Cultural History with an emphasis on African American. Her other group ministry is Women United for Peace Through Prayer, an interfaith, multicultural group of women which organize Prayer Walks in our community for any street or area that has experienced a violent act or death.

Some Accomplishments:
In March, 2003 she traveled with 13 members of the United by Faith Against Racism (UBFAR) team to South Africa to study the damage left from Apartied and the healing process developed by the Truth & Reconciliation Commission established by Desmond Tutu and Nelson Mandela.

In March, 2004 she traveled to Kenya with 13 other African American Women, all educators in some capacity from Washington and California. They did a cultural reconnection and raised money for the various needs of women and children such as clean water, education, clothing, etc.

Future Goals
She continues to strengthen her education in diversity and cultural studies. Wishes to travel Ghana and Egypt to research more on African American history and our connection to it, and to continue to work on the healing process especially with our law enforcement to build up our communities. Michelle has expressed it’s a honor to be a service to the staff and congregation of Bethany United Church of Christ. ”So much to accomplish!” She looks forward to the continued growth in God and community together!

Board Members

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Paul Binneboese

Paul Binneboese grew up as an Iowa farm boy, in a staunch Lutheran family of seven. He has always been a church member (Lutheran, Methodist, and now UCC), and very active in church affairs at each one.

Paul’s serves on both the Bethany Board and the Buildings & Grounds Ministry Team. He serves on the Bethany House Task Force as work-party organizer and general go-to guy.

By trade, Paul is a software engineer/manager currently between jobs. He has spent the last 25 years building software for products in the telecom, broadband, and computer-peripherals industries.

His real passion is to help our nation reduce global warming by cutting back on its energy usage and waste. He hopes to land his next job doing just that, using the tech experience and people skills that God has given him.

Stephen Gituma

I was born and raised in Meru Kenya in East Africa.

I am married to my beloved wife Florence; and God has blessed us with three lovely children, Philemon, Irene and Daniel. My wife Florence Gituma has been a great support to me since I began my work as a pastor. I view my family as the beginning of my mission to reach the society.

Before coming to Seattle, my family and I worshiped in the Methodist Church in Kenya (MCK).

This is my first time on the Bethany Board and steering committee.

I came to this country in the year of 2000, and immediately did a unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) in the Tri-Cities Chaplaincy Program in Kennewick for three months prior to attending one year of CPE at Swedish Medical Center in Seattle, Washington. After completing the chaplaincy program, I attended the School of Theology and Ministry at Seattle University for Master of Divinity Program. Counseling is one of my passions among others.

I’m an ordained pastor in the Methodist Church in Kenya. As a pastor, I was responsible for 6-13 churches, depending on assignment/posting with a congregation of between 2,000- 6,000 members. In addition, I served with the National Council of Churches in Kenya (NCCK) advocacy as a regional representative. As a regional representative I organized efforts to reduce the factors that marginalize youth with disability in the central region of Kenya. This involved organizing regional interdenominational workshops for church leaders and with different organizations, to strategize ways of assisting youth with disabilities in that region. These included providing pastoral visitation and offering counseling to ostracized youth with disability and assisted them in building self esteem and self worth. The main purpose was to help children/youth with disability return to school.

I also worked with children in the street of Nairobi/Limuru, this involved building relationships and bridging the gap between them and the community. This involved with authorities to create grassroots effort to re-engage young homeless children or children living in the street back into the community. With an aim of helping children return home or had be taken into stable housing.

In addition I was an active member of a Peace and Justice group in Kenya. I am proud to say that I carried out these responsibilities with dedication for I believe that Peace and Justices is the real foundation for health living.

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